Umbrella Insurance

Say goodbye to gaps in coverage with the right umbrella insurance policy.

At The Major Agency, we understand that insurance can be a puzzle. We will help you put the pieces together. With personal umbrella insurance, we can make sure that you understand exactly what your policy includes, what it covers, and how it will help you. Whenever you have questions, our agents are here to help.

Umbrella insurance policies can be tricky. First you need to understand the basics. An umbrella policy can cover you in the event of liability that exceeds other insurance limits. Some examples include:

  • If someone falls at your home, you are personally liable for this. However, your homeowners insurance may not cover the entirety of medical costs. In this case, umbrella insurance would kick in and cover the extra.
  • If you are in a car accident that was found to be your fault, you will be liable for the accident. The costs can add up quickly. Umbrella insurance can cover any expenses that your auto insurance does not cover.
  • Any other time you are legally responsible for an accident, your umbrella policy may fill in the gaps.

It is important to talk with your agent to fully understand your umbrella insurance policy. There are some things that your policy may not cover. Understanding these before you have a claim will help you in the long run.

These policies have a variety of options, including deductibles and payouts. What you choose will affect your monthly payment. At The Major Agency, we work with a variety of carriers. Because of this we are able to offer some of the best coverage at the best prices.

If you ever have questions about your personal liability policy, all you have to do is ask. We make sure we are available to our customers. Just give us a call at 888-906-7993 or fill out a quote form for a free quote.